Having bought an air conditioning system, you will want to have it installed but deciding on who to get to install it, may not be as easy as it once was. There are today, for air conditioning installation 2016, many companies available to be hired to complete the task and although all of them may seem legitimate, some perhaps aren’t. For this reason it I always best to look at some reviews of the company you are considering hiring, before you actually hire them. In fact it is usually best to find the company that will install your AC system before you buy it as most of them can advise you as to which would be the best system for you to buy, considering your particular needs. If you only want a single room to have air conditioning for example, they may advise you that the best system for you to get would be a split system.

A split system has a condenser located outside and an indoor unit which is located in the room you want to be air conditioned. If you have more than one room which needs to air conditioned but in all there are less than 5 rooms, a multi split system may be the best one for you. A multi split system will allow you to get indoor units of varying size in order to ensure that you have the right size for each room however; you will need an indoor unit in each room, which you don’t if you get a ducted system. A ducted system does not require a separate indoor unit in each room as it passes the cool air to the rooms via a duct and takes out the warm air via another duct. One advantage to this system, apart from saving the expense of buying an indoor unit for each room, is that all that is visible in a room with this system is two grills, one pushing cool air in and one taking warm air out. The ducts run behind the walls or even beneath the floor but, even though some systems have flexible ducts, the ducts do take up space and so are not always suitable for smaller houses.

When choosing the company to install your air conditioning system, you may want to consider the long term. In order for any air conditioning system to continue to operate efficiently, it will need to be serviced on a regular basis, perhaps just before any hot season and some of that routine servicing may entail hiring a professional in order to ensure that it is serviced correctly. Most installation companies will also service air conditioning systems and may even repair them if something goes wrong. Usually if an AC system is going to go wrong, it will usually be when it is in the most use, the hot season and it is at these times when the installation companies are at their busiest. Getting the company that installs your system to also routinely service it or repair it, may save you time and trouble later.

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