If you decide that you would like the floor in one or more rooms of your house tiled, you will have to decide which types of tile you will use and an increasingly popular choice are natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles, as they are cut from actual stone, have their own unique designs and no one is the same as another which gives any floor an impressive look plus, is very durable. Tiles, all be it made from clay or mud, have been used for more than 6000 years originating in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. In later years tiles were also known to have been used in China, India, Greece and Rome but where ever they were used, they were only used in important buildings or the homes of the rich. Greater diversity in the materials used to make tiles from, began in Italy in the middle ages and Italy has continued to be the leader in tile designs ever since.

Although in the middle ages, in Italy at least, a greater number of tiles were being used, they were still usually only being used in important buildings. Tiles were perhaps seen in the houses of the not so well off, in the 1950s when ceramic tiles were used in nearly every new home. Today, led by Italian designers, tiles made from many different materials and in many different designs are available at affordable prices meaning that almost any home owner can afford to have tiles in their homes. Recently, in the UK, tiles made from natural stones such as Marble, Travertine and limestone, have started to become popular, as can be seen from the sales of limestone tiles london. Fortunately, due to the major tile manufacturers having quarries throughout the country, despite having their headquarters in London, a home owner can expect delivery of an order of natural stone tiles, one day after the order is placed.

Natural stone tiles are ideal for use poolside, on a patio or in a bathroom or kitchen however, travertine tiles at least, as they are slightly porous, would have to be sealed before use. What is also good to remember is, marble tiles are prone to being stained easily from coffee, tea, alcohol or vinegar as well as tomato or butter products so, although they may look good in a kitchen, their impressive look may deteriorate unless precautions are taken to prevent stains from these products. Remembering these facts though, a natural stone tiled floor can look very impressive especially if it is bordered by a mosaic made up of different types of natural stone tiles.

Due to today’s affordable prices for a wide range of different tiles, no longer are they only for use in the homes of the wealthy although, when natural stone tiles are used, they may give the impression of wealth. Although the Italians lead the field in tile designs, the country that makes and uses the most tiles today, is China but the average number of homes in the UK that have tiles, is also on the increase.

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