Pond owners will have to decide which pond aeration system they want to use as proper aeration of any pond is essential if it is to look its best. If any pond is not properly aerated, the water in the pond will starve of oxygen, starting from the bottom and then becoming a larger and larger layer within the pond. As the amount of oxygenated water at the top layer of the pond diminishes, any fish in the pond start to die. Algae thrive in un-oxygenated water and so as that un-oxygenated layer of water at the bottom of the pond increases in size, the amount of algae also increases until it becomes an unsightly eyesore in the pond; an eyesore that has a distasteful smell.

When deciding which aeration system is right to use with their pond, an owner must determine what the depth of the pond is as, ponds shallower than 6 feet can use shallow aeration systems whilst ponds deeper than 6 feet should use systems especially developed for the deeper waters, like a diffused system. Of the shallow aeration systems, one of the top pond aerators is a fountain as, as well as providing the pond with adequate aeration, it can also look impressive. With this type of system the water is oxygenated as it is thrown into the air by the fountain and as the fountain creates a circulation within the water, all the water receives adequate oxygen to keep healthy. Another popular choice for shallow ponds is a propeller system. With the propeller system, propellers spin on the surface of the water creating splash and a circulation, thereby aerating all the water in the pond. A diffusion system which is used in the deeper ponds, aerates the water from the bottom to the top. A diffusion system will come complete with a diffuser, a compressor and a length of air hose sufficient to reach both the compressor and the diffuser. The compressor is connected to a power source which enables it to push air through the hose to the diffuser. The length of the air hose must be sufficient to allow the compressor to be located above the water line on the bank of the pond and the diffuser to be placed at the bottom of the pond. The diffuser allows the air to escape into the water at the bottom of the pond after which it aerates the water on its route to the surface.

To enable people that have ponds located far from any mains supply, manufacturers have developed two independent power sources to be used with some of their aeration systems. The first power source is a windmill which will provide enough current to power the system it is supplied with. The second power source is a solar kit which once again will provide enough current to allow the system it is supplied with, to operate effectively and may not even need to see daylight for up to 3 days whilst still remaining efficient.

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